Otzi the Iceman

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Frosty the Snowman Meets His Demise: An Analogy to Carbon Dating

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Date. Reading Comprehension. Arrange Events in Sequential Order. Read the passage, and of your answer on a bubble sheet if your teacher provides one; otherwise, circle the letter of the The Iceman by Don Lessem. 1 What is the main.

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History – Otzi the Iceman

The Iceman site is unique in the bryology of the Quaternary. By contrast 75 or more species including at least ten liverworts were recovered as subfossils frozen in, on and around the Iceman from before, at and after his time. About two thirds of the species grow in the nival zone above 3,m above sea level now while about one third do not.

Fold a sheet of answer is fossils. description, noting key facts about each fossil and how determining relative ages isn’t enough and other dating meth- Iceman. The Iceman was found in. in the Italian Alps, near the. Austrian.

A real history mystery!!! Otzi was frozen over 5, years ago and just found fully preserved in the Alps in This webquest asks students to investigate and use a variety of sources to examine the evidence on Otzi the Iceman and determine the the identity of the body, the nature and cause of death. The students report will be presented to the Archaeological Society in a speech, accompanied by Power point.

This PowerPoint looks at the discovery of Otzi the Iceman. The PowerPoint examines what the remains tell us and the significance of the find. Included are two embedded documentaries. Also included is an inquiry based assessment task and marking criteria on ‘The Iceman Murder”. This is a great resour Students generally like Otzi the Iceman.

Otzi: The Iceman

There are 8 defining characteristics of a civilization – teach them to your students in a way that engages and excites them! This lesson is designed to teach the 8 features of a civilization with a gallery walk. Students will begin the lesson with a discussion on what it means to be civilized. Students will go on a CSI type investigation where they will look at Dive into the discovery of the ages!

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The cause of death remained uncertain until 10 years later, when an X-ray of the mummy pointed to foul play in the form of a flint arrowhead embedded in his back, just under his shoulder. But now, armed with a wealth of new scientific information that researchers have compiled, Inspector Horn has managed to piece together a remarkably detailed picture of what befell the Iceman on that fateful day around B. Most were ritually prepared, which usually meant removal of internal organs, preservation with chemicals or exposure to destructive desert conditions.

The more scientists learn , the more recognizable the Iceman becomes. He was about 45, give or take six years, respectably old for the late Neolithic age — but still in his prime. He had all of his teeth, and between his two upper front teeth was a 3-millimeter gap, an inherited condition known as diastema , which Madonna and Elton John also have. In his last two days, they found, he consumed three distinct meals and walked from an elevation of about 6, feet, down to the valley floor and then up into the mountains again, where he was found at the crime site, 10, feet up.

On his body was one prominent wound, other than the one from the arrowhead: a deep cut in his right hand between the thumb and forefinger, down to the bone and potentially disabling. By the degree of healing seen on the wound, it was one to two days old.

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Isotopes are atoms of an element that have dif- ferent numbers of neutrons in their nuclei. The neutrons and protons in the nucleus of an atom are usually held together by strong forces. In some isotopes, however, the forces are not strong enough to hold the nucleus together, and it breaks apart, or decays. This process is called radioactivity. When an atom of an element decays, an atom of a different element is often formed.

For example, an unstable uranium atom decays to form a stable lead atom. The uranium atom is called the parent, and the lead atom is called the daughter. Every radioactive isotope decays at a constant rate that is characteristic of that isotope. Suppose a rock contains atoms of radioactive uranium U The parent uranium atoms have been decaying and daughter lead atoms have been accumulating at a constant rate since the rock was formed. The time required for one-half of the nuclei in a sample to decay is called the half-life of the isotope.

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Learn about The Nobel Prizes that have been awarded since , as well as the criteria and nomination process that are used to select the winners. NASA Kids is an excellent site for “kids” of all ages and provides an abundance of information, images, and interesting things to do on astronomy and the space sciences. In this lesson, students learn about sources of high-energy radiation and calculate student exposure to ionizing radiation over the past year. To develop the idea that carbon dating is based on gathering evidence in the present and extrapolating it to the past.

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