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This bass was born in July of , and has that classic Rickenbac This twelve string version of the now available in Walnut offers the same full chorus of sounds distinctive to Rickenbackers, adding to This W Series version of the world’s most popular twelve string electric guitar offers the same deluxe features of its Model cousin, no Pete Townshend asked for an update of his beloved Model guitar and Rickenbacker was happy to oblige. The result is the Plus, enhanced Basically the same design as the V69 but with 12 strings. Derived from a design dating back to , this guitar is memorable for its hand-carv

1994 Rickenbacker 360/12 V64 Fireglo, Very Good, Original Hard, $2,450.00

This is a fairly comprehensive reference on Rickenbacker’s instruments. It has a great section on the early models pre that covers the steels RIC made really well. It also covers the modern era Centerstream Labirint Ozon. The History of Rickenbacker Guitars. Richard R.

DATING RICKENBACKER GUITARS BY REFERENCE OF SERIAL NUMBERS. As with many other guitar brands, the dating method of Rickenbacker are much.

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Order by:. Available to:. Super Clean! Well, here is your opportunity do so.

Alphabetically, A-Z, Alphabetically, Z-A, Date, old to new, Date, new to old Vintage Rickenbacker / Electric Guitar Case Grey with Blue Interior​.

It is also a one-owner guitar! This guitar has been thoroughly inspected and expertly set-up by Scott Freilich of Top Shelf Music, a Gibson authorized repair center since Scott placed the year as after noting it has a one-piece neck. It also has no volute, no Made in U. Original Fender Precision Bass — I have only seen one other left handed Fender Bass from the mid to mid slab board period.

Nice thing about this bass is it is well marked for dates and left handed special order status. And you always like to see consistency among all of the date codes, and this one is perfect for the year This is the cleanest s String Rickenbacker on the planet!

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The serial number is generally located on the jackplate of a Rick For earlier than about December Ricks the first 2 characters represent the month and year. Current Rick serial numbering system First 2 digits indicate the year, first 2 of bottom digits the week of manufacture..

Roger McGuinn’s Rickenbacker /12 can be seen opposite. The last instrument in this section dates from , and its ‘cresting wave’.

Shaftesbury was the house brand for UK music distributor Rose Morris. It was applied to amps, effects units, drums and of course guitars. The Shaftesbury bass was one of the very first models alongside the , and twelve string to sport this marque, the range being first demonstrated in August at the British Musical Instrument Trade Fair, Russell Square, London.

All three Shaftesbury Ric-style models were based on the early s Rickenbacker Of course, there was no bass equivalent to this guitar, so the Shaftesbury , despite it’s Rickenbacker styling, is not actually a copy of any Rickenbacker bass. It gets referred to as a Rickenbacker copy, due to it’s semi-solid construction, but in truth the two guitars have very little in common. Shaftesbury guitars and basses generally don’t have high profile users, but very soon after the model’s launch, in November , Rolling Stone Bill Wyman made an appearance on UK television, miming to Sympathy for the Devil, playing the Shaftesbury bass.

You can check out some VERY grainy footage here don’t bother! Bill Wyman certainly got through basses, and this one doesn’t seem to have made much of an impression on him! Rose Morris imported guitars made by Aria Matsumoku and Eko , and it is these companies that produced the bulk of Shaftesbury branded guitars. The earliest examples of the were produced in Japan, and had a set neck, whilst the majority of production certainly from mid , if not earlier were made in Italy, with a bolt-on neck construction.

There were hardware differences too, of course, the Eko basses fitted with the same bridges, pickups and tuning keys as fitted to other guitars built in the same plant, i.

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Current Rickenbacker Serial Number System: The first 2 numbers of the serial number #2T was an August Model Patent #, Subject, Date.

Rickenbacker Rickenbacher vintage guitars history and collecting. Private vintage guitar collector. Pictures, history for Rickenbacker vintage guitars. Contact the Vintage Guitar Info Guy. Rickenbacker was the first company to successfully market electric guitars. The most interesting Rickenbackers are the hollowbody models. In particular, the to pre-June models with the old style squared edge body shape, “stove” or “TV” knobs, and gold pickguard are the most interesting to me personally.

The marketplace has a different idea though – The newer and later hollowbody models with checked binding and sparkle fingerboard inlays are collectible, because of their association with the Beatles, Byrds, and other ‘s super groups though personally I don’t really enjoy these newer models. The “export” models are also collectible. For the most part, solidbody Rickenbacker guitars are pretty low on the social guitar ladder.

They don’t really have a “sound”, and haven’t played a big part in electric musically history. Therefore their values are pretty low. Always make sure the “neck set” on any Rickenbacker is good.


Regular price SFr. This guitar has had an interesting life and had us scratching our heads quite a bit. It has a trapeze tailpiece no extra holes for an R-tailpiece are visible and single line Kluson tuners, which would usually be seen on pre Rickenbackers. It has a later pickguard leaving three extra holes , but the electronics appear to have been unaltered, with the original solder joints still intact all pots dating to late As on many other s of the same era, this has a N stamp inside the electronics cavity.

The guitar most likely left the factory in a jetglo finish, but when a crack on the back of the body was repaired, it received either an overspray or a full refinish.

Rose Morris produced some of the earliest Rickenbacker copies; the bass shipped between and All three Shaftesbury Ric-style models were based on the early s Rickenbacker Dating Shaftesbury basses.

This website uses cookies to ensure that we give you the best user experience. If you choose to continue using this website, you agree to our use of cookies. Ok, got it! In , F. Work quickly began on a new line of Rickenbacker solid-bodies: the ‘Combo’ range. The first Combo model emerged in , and the guitar in our photo, the tulip-shaped , made its debut three years later. Both the and its single-pickup version, the , found favour with distinguished Belgian jazzman Toots Thielemans b.

The instruments were also admired by the young John Lennon ; according to John C. Hall, who succeeded his father as Chairman and CEO of Rickenbacker in , it was the sound of Thielemans playing a ‘Tulip’ that prompted Lennon to visit a Hamburg music store and order a Rickenbacker of his own – although the guitar he eventually acquired was not the , but the ‘thin hollow-body’ Model he made famous with The Beatles. In , Rickenbacker celebrated 25 years in the guitar-making business; the company had used various names during this period, and, at its outset, had been known as Ro-Pat-In see earlier article.

It was now nurturing plans for an exciting and innovative range of electrics – the Capri series, later to be called the series – that would attract international recognition, as well as high-profile customers from the world of pop and rock. Rossmeisl took charge of the wood shop at Rickenbacker’s Santa Ana factory, where he developed a variety of single- and double-cutaway, thin- and full-bodied models in an integrated ‘house style’ that made them instantly recognisable. The earliest one shown here is a natural-finish pre Deluxe.

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